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Priceless Milan Restaurant

Marco Parizzi

“Cuisine is equilibrium.”

My Priceless moment: without question when I met my wife, his lifelong partner at home and at work.

Chef of the restaurant that bears his name, Marco grew up with a passion for his work. From an early age he helped his parents at their restaurant “Il Tiratardi” in Parma that opened shortly after the War. Thus began a 19-year apprenticeship with Chef Gino Giulianotti and a period of study and courses. Chefs including Davide Oldani and Patrik Massera were hired, who became fundamental figures for Marco’s training, and empowered him with invaluable knowledge of the traditional and the modern, helping him develop his skills. Ristorante Parizzi received its first Michelin star in 1980 and, in 1996 he joined the JRE association in which he currently holds the position of secretary. In 2000 he participated in La Prova del Cuoco and was so successful he is still one of the program’s regular chefs.

Meeting his wife Cristina was a key moment: United by love they transformed Ristorante Parizzi into one of the most famous and critically acclaimed restaurants in Italy.

The proposed menu offers quality raw materials from both land and sea, with a decidedly “Parmesan” flavour.

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